Fig 1
DESCRIPTION: Length 6 to 11mm with males smaller than females. An aerial nesting bee with a general bright orange appearance combine with black facial hairs on the female (white in the male) and a pollen scopa on the underside of the female's abdomen.  The two horns on the female's face are unique to this species in Britain. BEHAVIOUR: This bee likes to make nests in old cavities especially in masonry and mortar hence its alternative names of Red Mason Bee and Red Mortar Bee.  Also used are old plant stems, garden canes and even old snail shells.  During cocoon formation, the larva uses saliva to encompass the faecal material and cell. DISTRIBUTION: Common in England and Wales and reaching as far north as lowland Scotland.  HABITAT: Gardens, woodland edges and urban areas. PERIOD: March to early June. 

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