Fig 1
DESCRIPTION: Approximately 10 - 18mm. An immediately striking beetle that seems easily identifiable but there are 3 similar species. The head, thoraxn legs and elytra are black in colour with the latter sporting tranverse orange bands. The antennae club in this species is wholly black and is a key ID feature. BEHAVIOUR: Several individuals converge on one carcass and fight between themselves until one pair is left. The male and the female work together to bury the dead matter by digging beneath and pulling the corpse into an underground chamber. Eggs are laid in the chamber and upon hatching the larvae have their own food supply. Adult beetles are attracted to light and have a good sense of smell. DISTRIBUTION: Widespread and frequent throughout Britain. HABITAT: Lives under dead animals and birds usually in wooded areas or hedgerows. PERIOD: Adults are mainly found between May and September.

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