Fig 1
DESCRIPTION: Approximate body length 12.5 - 18mm in length. Also known as the Many Banded Tiger Crane-Fly this smart insect has yellow palps, a yellow and black banded abdomen and a yellow and black thorax. These black markings on the abdomen bulge outwards and are quite distinctive. Dark markings on the head are much reduced. The wings are adorned with a smart black stigma. The males have dense golden hairs on sternite 8. Also, the males claspers are short and wide at the base before tapering to a sharp point. BEHAVIOUR: Adults tend to lurks in the undergrowth but are easily disturbed. DISTRIBUTION: Widespread in southern Britain with few records north of the Central Lowlands in Scotland. HABITAT: Woodlands and hedgerows with well-drained soils and plenty of undergrowth. PERIOD: Late May to early October.

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