Fig 1
DESCRIPTION: Approximate body length 13 - 15mm. The most commonly seen Tiger Crane-Fly and also known as the Spotted Crane-Fly. The body is yellow with a black stripe that covers about half its width. The thorax tends to have more black markings than other species with a black horseshoe mark on the side, near the halteres,that is only seen in this species and a couple of others. The wings have a thin, yellow line near the leading edge and have a stigma that can be both dark and pale. BEHAVIOUR: Adults take nectar and pollen from flowers especially various Umbellifers whilst the larvae feed on the roots of various grasses. Adults can be attracted to light. DISTRIBUTION: Common and widespread throughout Britain. HABITAT: Inhabitants of woodland edges, gardens, fields, rough grassland and farmland. PERIOD: April to July with a peak in May.

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