Fig 1
DESCRIPTION: Up to 6.5mm in length. This common critter also known as the Common Green Capsid Bug is a uniquitous insect that is green throughout with the main identification points being the pale brown tibial splines, the smooth, straight-edged pronotum and the break in the keel between the eye area. BEHAVIOUR: Both sexes are found in loose groups within vegetation where they feed by a sucking method. The adults lay eggs on young twigs of woody host plants (e.g. apples, currants, hawthorns) in autumn, which overwinter and hatch as nymphs in the spring. The nymphs are yellowish-green coloured, and are wingless. The males of the species vibrate their abdomen while courting. HABITAT: Found on a variety of woody and herbaceous plants with Nettles a particular favourite. PERIOD: June to October.

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