Fig 1 Fig 2
DESCRIPTION: A common grass bug that reaches a length of up to 8.5mm. Females (Fig 1) are the less showy of the sexes with a light greenish ground colour to the entire insect with the abdomen marked with black flecks, the wings having brownish longitudinal lines and the pronotum showing two prominent black uneven lines. The second antennal segment is thinner than the base of the front tibia. Males (Fig 2) start black and yellowish and darken with age. The wings and pronotum have similar markings to the female. The second antennal segment is much greater than the third and fourth antennal segments combined. Also note that males are always macropterous (fully-winged) and females usually brachypterous (partly-winged) and both have a transverse furrow between the eyes. DISTRIBUTION: Widely distributed throughout the UK. HABITAT: On variety of grasses on which they feed which causes seed heads to shrivel and duly whiten. PERIOD: June to September.

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