Fig 1
DESCRIPTION: Approximately 9 to 10.5mm in length. A relatively large shieldbug best recognised by the rich green olive-green ground colour, the black punctations and the curved pinkish-brown marks on the corium. The abdomen is bright green with a large yellow, black and tan marking in the centre and small black marks around the connexivum. The triangular scutellum is green with yellowish-corners. BEHAVIOUR: Another typical shieldbug usually found in loose colonies on favoured foodplant. The traditional foodplant is juniper, larvae feeding on the berries, but in recent years the bug has begun to use Lawson's Cypress. DISTRIBUTION: Was confined to southern Britain but now seen in Juniper stands in central areas and has even been sighted in northern England and Scotland. HABITAT: Juniper stands and gardens where appropriate foodplant is found. PERIOD: Can be seen all year round but most noticeable between late April to late September.

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