Fig 1
DESCRIPTION: Length 6 - 12mm. A dull coloured beetle that can be found in great profusion at the right time of the year. The head, thorax and abdomen are all black and densely punctured. The legs are also black with each claw having a long tooth on the inner side. BEHAVIOUR: Seen in colonies in and around the chosen foodplants and tussocky grasses in which adults are known to aestivate (summer dormancy). Adults and larvae eat many types of food (polyphagous) including Tansy, Cuckooflower, Field Scabious and Yarrow. Winter is passed in the egg stage which are attached to grasses and contained in an oothecae (egg case). DISTRIBUTION: Local in the south. HABITAT: Mainly found in unmaintained grassy, flower filled meadows. PERIOD: June to October.

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