Fig 1
DESCRIPTION: Approximate body length - 7 - 9mm. A mid-sized hemipteran best recognised by the reddish-brown colouration (that can be greyish), the numerous black punctations, the off-white and black convexium and a black patch on the scutellum. Males have blackish antennae whereas the females are brownish. BEHAVIOUR: The Parent Bug is a dedicated mother and after looking after her tightly laid cluster of eggs (usually found beneath a Silver Birch leaf, sometimes on Alder) she will also stays with the nymphs until they become young adults. They obtain symbionts at an early age, the mother covers her eggs with bacteria so that the larvae ingest them as they feed on the egg case. The bugs can exude a foul smelling abdominal secretion to deter predators. The species overwinters as an adult. Foodpnats include Birch, Alder, Beech, Holly and Spruce. DISTRIBUTION: Widespread and fairly common throughout Britain. HABITAT: Hedgerows, open woodland, parks and gardens. PERIOD: May to October.

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