Fig 1
DESCRIPTION: Up to 22mm. A typical looking wasp with the main ID features being the clear yellow face sporting one small black dot, the dark antennae that are yellow at the base and the thorax that has hairs at the sides and two yellow spots at the rear. The wings are slightly brownish. BEHAVIOUR: Prone to being aggressive this smart looking insect builds its nest in trees and bushes as well as underground. Adults forage flowers such as Wild Angelica, Water Figwort and Rosebay Willowherb. Worker wasps typically forage for other insects, the nectar of plants and wood to digest for nest construction. Nests are made of paper that comes from the digestion of the wood. DISTRIBUTION: Locally common but well spread throughout the UK. HABITAT: Hedgerows, woodland edges and meadows. PERIOD: Best seen from May to August.

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