Fig 1
DESCRIPTION: Length Up to 15mm.   A stunning beetle with an overall brown appearance to the head, thorax and abdomen with the latter marked with 3 various sized creamy yellow stripes. Throughout is a suggestion of metallic greens, reds and blues. The legs and thorax have a liberal covering of white hairs. The tarsi are 5-segmented.  The eyes and jaws are large with the latter being quite powerful. BEHAVIOUR: A fast running beetle that chases down its prey of numerous invertebrates. When disturbed will run and then fly usually along a specific pathway. Breeding occurs in early summer and the larvae live in burrows in the sand. This species is very fond of basking in the sun. DISTRIBUTION: Very localised appearing on only 2 dune systems in Britain. HABITAT: Sandy heathland and dune systems. PERIOD: Late April to September.

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