Fig 1

DESCRIPTION: Length: 10 to 12 mm. Wingspan: 25 to 30 mm. A blue-green Lacewing with noticeable black markings especially on the head and thorax. The black head markings behind the eyes enclose a roundish pale spot. The wings have numerous black cross-veins. The second antennal segment is black as is the underside of the abdomen. A similar species (Chrysopa dorsalis) is restricted to Pines and has an oval pale spot between the back of the eyes. BEHAVIOUR: The adults feed on flower nectar and are predators of aphids.  DISTRIBUTION: Well distributed throughout but becoming more localised towards the north and absent from the very far north. HABITAT: Grassland, waste ground, woodland edges and glades, gardens and parklands. A preference is shown however for shaded areas. PERIOD: This species can be seen all year round but is usually observed between May and August.

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