Fig 1

DESCRIPTION: Wing length up to 6 to 9mm.  A moderate-sized Soldier Fly with the eyes covered in dense, black hairs and the abdomen being fairly straight edged and broader posteriorly. Both sexes have a bluey-green thorax but the abdomen in males is bronze whereas in females it is bluish. Abdominal hairs in the female are short and adpresed, in the male they are erect and longer. BEHAVIOUR:  A lover of umbels, especially Hogweed. Males can be seen to hover in a somewhat untidy fashion. Females have been seen burrowing. The larvae develop in cow dung and rotting vegetation. DISTRIBUTION: Widespread and widespread throughout Britain. HABITAT: Woodland glades, hedgerows, fens, meadows, marshes, parkland and even gardens. PERIOD: May to early September.

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