Fig 1
DESCRIPTION: Up to 7mm. A very rare insect that feeds on a rare plant this little gem takes some finding but when located is usually in small communal groups. The general shape is oval with the head, pronotum, legs, corium, scutellum and antennae all of a metallic blue-black colour that contrasts with the somewhat silvery appearance of the hemelytral membrance. The edge of the pronotum and corium is cream in colour with the connexivum banded cream and black. BEHAVIOUR: Found on or around the foodplant the adults are long lived with one generation per year. Larvae are distinctly red and black in colour. These stunning creatures hibernate communally under moss or leaves. DISTRIBUTION: Rare in southern England and perhaps declining. HABITAT: Short chalk grassland where the foodplant Bastard Toadflax is present. PERIOD: August to June.

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