Fig 1

DESCRIPTION: The queen has a body length of 15–17 mm,  the worker 10–14 mm  and the male 11–13 mm (0.43–0.51 in). Queens are primarily black with a yellow band around the front of the thorax and a similar coloured band on the first tergite. Males have a wider yellow collar.  Both queens and males have red tails.  Workers are similar in appearance to the queens but have less yellow banding.  All bees have rounded heads with a short proboscis. BEHAVIOUR: Instead of hibernating new queens will start a nest with the nest usually lasting for up to 14 weeks.  Each nest may contain up to 120 individuals. DISTRIBUTION: A common species throughout Britain but always under threat. HABITAT: Parks, gardens, hedgerows and areas rich in flowers. PERIOD: Also known as the Early Bumblebee this species is best seen from March to July. 

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