Fig 1

DESCRIPTION: Length up to 13mm.  Also known as the Red Thighed St Mark's Fly the basic colour of this species is shiny black however the femurs of all legs are a rich, striking red and give the species a quite distinct appearance. The front tibia sport a pair of large spurs. The wings are somewhat milky-white with darkened veins on the costal area and a dark spot on the leading edge. Males are large holoptic eyes and a flattened abdomen whereas females have a noticeably smaller head and a pointed abdomen. BEHAVIOUR: The reddish-brown larvae develop during autumn and winter where they feed dead leaves, decaying organic matter and the roots of Poa grasses. DISTRIBUTION: A frequently encountered species in the right habitat with most records coming from the west. HABITAT: Hedgerows and open woodland of upland areas. PERIOD:  May to October.

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