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DESCRIPTION: Length up to 14mm.  Otherwise known as the Fork-Tailed Flower Bee this species is best recognised by the male's yellow face having little hair and the tridentate mandible, long tongue and brown eyes of both sexes. Males are generally dark with chestnut hair and two black dots on the face, just below the antennae. The dark faced females are all brown, with a fringe of reddish hairs at the tip of the abdomen and pollen collecting hairs on her hind legs. BEHAVIOUR: Adults like to feed on various flowers such as Thistles, Knapweeds and various labiates amongst others. Ornamental flowers in gardens will also be used. Excavates its nest burrows in rotten wood. DISTRIBUTION: Well spread across southern Britain but not common anywhere. HABITAT: Gardens, woodlands, hedgerows, meadows, heaths and fens. PERIOD: Late May to Late August.

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