Fig 1

DESCRIPTION: Length up to 8 to 11mm.  A smallish mining bee with females being the slightly larger sex. The main features to look out for are black hairs on the face, gingery hairs on the thorax and a blackish abdomen with pale hairs between the segments. The sides of the females thorax and femora can be noticeably black haired, especially in the spring brood. BEHAVIOUR: Nests are found in soft soil with the few cells each containing one egg. Flowers visited include:- Daisy, Speedwells, Buttercups, Bramble's, Crane's-Bills and Mallows amongst others. DISTRIBUTION: A well distributed species found throughout the UK but primarily in the south. HABITAT: Woodlands, grasslands, hedgerows and gardens. PERIOD:  Two generations a year, these being March to May and June to August.

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