Fig 1
DESCRIPTION: Up to 15mm. A lime-green and chestnut coloured member of the heteroptera group with the pronotum, scutellum and corium noticeably peppered with many black puntations. The lateral extensions are fairly pointed and marked red with the scutellum green and the tip of the abdomen red in colour. The tarsi are 2-segmented and antennae 5-segmented. BEHAVIOUR: Feeds on the haws of the Hawthorn tree and can overwinter on a diet of various leaves. They can be found on a variety of other trees including Whitebeam, Oak and Birch. Like many so-called "stink bugs", they may release unpleasant odours when disturbed. Occasionally attracted to light. DISTRIBUTION:Common and widespread in various habitats across Britain and Ireland. HABITAT: Woodland, gardens, hedgerows, parks. PERIOD: Best seen from May to October but can be found hibernating at other times especially within soft, rotten logs.

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