Fig 1
DESCRIPTION: Length up to 4mm.  A small easily overlooked dome-shaped insect with the dull orange-red wing-case covered in numerous short, pale hairs.  The black spots on the wing-cases vary in number, from 20 to 26, sometimes they are joined or can be completely absent.   The pronotum is concolorous with the elytra and has a few black spots.  The legs and antennae are dark orange.  Dark forms and ones with yellow spots are extremely rare. BEHAVIOUR: A vegetarian species feeding on the fungal mold of plants.  24-spot ladybirds overwinter in low herbage, grass tussocks and gorse bushes. DISTRIBUTION: A widespread species that is not particularly common or numerous anywhere.  Scattered around southern Britain and absent from the far north. HABITAT: Grasslands and meadows or areas of rough grass, including marshland. PERIOD: Best seen from April to October.

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