Fig 1
CAP: 3-12cm in diameter.  It is convex with a central depression and has concentric salmon pink rings on a saffron-pallid buff background.  An occasional greenish tint can be seen.  The margin is inrolled and the surface is slightly sticky. STIPE: The hollow stem is pale blotched orange and turns greenish where broken or bruised.  More or less equal and smooth. GILLS/PORES: Gills are saffron and are closely spaced.  When broken a carrot coloured milk is exuded. FLESH: Thick, firm and brittle.  Pallid yellow and tastes mild becoming bitter.  Smells quite fruity. SPORES: Hyaline, ellipsoid. HABITAT: Coniferous woodland especially pine and spruce. SEASON: Infrequent.  Summer to autumn. EDIBILITY: Edible and good.

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