Fig 1
CAP: Sulphur yellow with orangey sand colour towards the centre.  Starting convex with incurved margin which is covered in olive green remains of veil.  Eventually flattened with wavy margin.  STIPE: Fused together at base.  Yellow towards the apex becoming darker at the base.  The ring zone becomes purplish brown with fallen spores.  Equal or flexuous. GILLS/PORES: Gills are sinuate and crowded starting sulphur yellow becoming olive green and finally purplish-brown. FLESH: Strong smelling with bitter taste that can cause stomach upsets. SPORES: Purplish-brown, ellipsoid to ovoid. (Link). HABITAT: In clusters on and around stumps of deciduous and coniferous trees. SEASON: Very common.  Summer to autumn. EDIBILITY: Poisonous.

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