Fig 1

FRUITING STRUCTURE: An amazingly blue resupinate that starts as a few roundish fruiting patches and ends as a coalescence that makes for a large, irregular patch.  The fertile surface is uneven and finely felted and quite thin, less than 1mm.  When fresh and moist the whole area is cobalt in colour with paler edges but when dry the whole specimen becomes a dull, dark grey to black. FLESH: The flesh is thin and has a waxy feel with no distinct taste or smell. SPORES: Hyaline, ellipsoidal and smooth.  6.5um to 9um * 4.5um to 4.5um. HABITAT: Grows in groups in pastures more often than not adjacent to woodland. SEASON: Can be seen throughout the year but sporualting is in the autumnal months. EDIBILITY: Inedible.

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