Fig 1
CAP: 7-13cm in diameter. Rounded to convex becoming flat the cap of this species is robust and covered with a dark to golden-brown cuticle that is shiny and very slimy indeed. Slightly darker towards the centre with the margin usually hanging on to remnants of the white partial veil. STIPE: Of medium width, sturdy and yellowish in colour. Above the ring, which is white when young becoming purplish brown with age, the flesh is covered in reddish brown dots. GILLS/PORES: The slightly decurrent angular pores are lemon yellow and darken with age. FLESH: White to yellowish and firm in the cap when young and fibrous in the stem when old. Smells faintly of fruit. SPORES: Yellowish, fusiform. HABITAT: In coniferous woodland especially with mature pines. SEASON: Common.  Autumn with the odd fruiting body sometimes found in Spring. EDIBILITY: Edible.

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