Fig 1

FRUITING STRUCTURE: A species that is not frequently recorded and one that is perhaps more common than realised. The exposed surface is waxy when fresh and scattered with blunt peg-like growths that lift the bark while developing. The colour various from pale ochraceous to orange.  FLESH: The flesh is thin with no distinct taste or smell. When dry the flesh becomes crusty. SPORES: Hyaline, sub-allantoid to cylindrical and smooth with one side slightly concave.  9um to 12um * 3.5um to 4.5um. HABITAT: Grows on dead attached branches of Hornbeam where it feeds on the cambium layer before removing the bark prior to spore release. Small patches coalesce to create larger areas of growth. SEASON: Can be seen throughout the year but the autumnal months are best. EDIBILITY: Inedible.

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