Fig 1

CAP: Up to 3mm across. An almost translucent pileus can be anywhere between shallowly convex to noticeably conical with the centre sometimes depressed. Striations can be seen and the white pruinose surface appears more greyish with age. STIPE: Up to 40mm long. Thin, white and can be quite cartilaginous. Smooth throughout with a puberulous base. The base can be slightly swollen or not. The whole stipe turns greyish with age. GILLS/PORES: Starting concave and becoming more convex the white to greyish white lamellae are delicate structures with 6 to 10 actually reaching the stipe. FLESH: The flesh is thin, white and water with no distinct taste or smell. SPORES: Hyaline, cylindrical, amyloid and smooth.  8.5um to 13.5um * 2.8um to 4.5um. HABITAT: Grows in groups on dead Beech leaves. SEASON: Primarily seen during the late autumnal months. EDIBILITY: Inedible.

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