Fig 1
CAP: 2-8mm wide.  A tiny tucked away bonnet fungus whose cap is hemispherical to convex before becoming more or less umbonate.  It starts pale grey-brown before becoming greyish-white.  It is translucently striate and glabrous with a slight grooving. STIPE: White to greyish and arising from a distinct pubescent base.  The stem is also usually pubescent. GILLS/PORES: Gills are free or attached to a pseudocollarium.  10-12 reach the actual stipe and all gills are white to greyish in colour. FLESH: Thin, white with no taste or smell. SPORES: Pip-shaped to sub-cylindrical and measuring 7.5-11 * 4-5um. HABITAT: On riparian herbaceous stalks such as Juncus and Scirpus. SEASON: Infrequent.   Late summer to autumn. EDIBILITY: Inedible.

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