Fig 1
CAP: 3-6cm in diameter. Convex becoming flat and finally depressed. Slightly scurfy and of reddish orange tones when fresh but drying to a washed out buff. This is a highly variable mushroom hence the name 'Deceiver' and is one of the bog standard species to get to grips with when starting out in the mycological world. STIPE: Reddish-orange, straightish and narrow. GILLS/PORES: The gills concolorous with the cap, thick, shortly decurrent and widely spaced and are a key ID feature. FLESH: Fibrous and pinkish with no significant taste nor smell. SPORES: White, globular with short spines. HABITAT: In coniferous and deciduous woodland. SEASON: Common.  Autumn. EDIBILITY: Edible.

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