Fig 1
FRUIT BODY: Up to 50cm across. This easily distinguishable bracket is recognised when young by its bright yellow appearance and short uneven tiered fans that more often than not have a paler edge. As the species grows the colour can become more orange and then fades to a pale buff or straw colour. GILLS/PORES: Miniscule and close together making them hard to locate when young. FLESH: Thick, soft and succulent when young exuding a yellowish juice. Has a strung fungusy smell. Eventually becomes dried out and crumbly. SPORES: White, smooth and broadly elliptical. HABITAT: Primarily on Oak but can be found on Willow and Sweet Chestnut as well as a few other broadleaf trees. SEASON: Common.  Summer through to early autumn. EDIBILITY: Edible but not to everyones liking.

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