Fig 1
FRUIT BODY: Up to 2cm across.  A rust coloured fungus with an irregular surface and always found in groups. The stromata is regular and hemispherical with the ostioles inconspicous and umbilicate. There are white granules between the perithecia when young; the tissue below the perithecial layer is black. Anamorph is  present in young stages, buff to honey in colour, synnematous, growing on very conspicuous dark brown chords radiating from the base of young stromata. GILLS/PORES: N/A. FLESH:Tough and black. SPORES: Brown, ellipsoid-inequilateral, 6.8-8.8*3.4-4.8 µm. HABITAT: Fruits on fallen logs, branches and twigs of Hazel but can be found on other trees such and Birch, Ash, Sweet Chestnut and Alder amongst others. SEASON: Infrequent.  Throughout the year. EDIBILITY: Inedible.

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