Fig 1
CAP: 3 - 6cm wide.  The conical cap of this species is sharply umbonate with a wavy edge. It is bright yellow with orangey tones and has a striate margin when wet. It is also viscid in wet weather. STIPE: Yellow tinged with orange, tapering at the top and up to 9cm high. It is greasy to the touch and has no ring. GILLS/PORES: Adnexed to free, starting yellow becoming orangey with age. FLESH: Yellowish-white with no distinctive taste. SPORES: Ovoid, elongated ellipsoidal or cylindrical, sometimes with a slight constriction; smooth; inamyloid. HABITAT: On chalky soil or limestone habitats. SEASON: Occasional. August to November.  EDIBILITY: Inedible.

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