Fig 1

FRUITBODY: Each cup can reach up to 10cm across and be up to 4cm in height. This cup shaped fungus has a yellow-brown upper surface that is smooth, hairless and slightly uneven.  The outer surface is paler (especially near the stem), slightly downy near the margin and with whitish to brownish ribs that are sometimes forked.  These ribs give the fungus a cabbage-like appearance hence the alternative name of 'Cabbage Leaf Helvella'. FLESH: In the stem the flesh is firm, whitish and chambered, in the cup the flesh is thin, brownish and more brittle. There is no distinctive odour or taste. SPORES: 16-20um x 11-14um; elliptical; smooth; with one central oil droplet.  HABITAT:  Found under deciduous and coniferous trees and along hawthorn hedgerows.  SEASON: Found primarily during the period from late March to early June. EDIBILITY: Inedible.

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