Fig 1
CAP: 4 - 8cm in diameter.  The cap of this species is a lovely rich burgundy and starts off bell shaped before expanding and becoming flat with a central umbo usually apparent. The surface is felted to scaly that eventually breaks up to expose yellow flesh beneath. STIPE: Sub-cylindrical, yellowish and smooth with fine longitudinal fibres that are purplish-brown. Sometimes evidence of an ephemeral stem ring is had when stained with mature spores. GILLS/PORES: Gills are adnate, crowded and yellow before turning yellowish-brown when the spores mature. FLESH: Yellowish and fibrous. There is no distinctive taste or smell. SPORES: Ellipsoidal, warty and yellowish-brown. HABITAT: On dead conifer wood that is usually buried or on woodchips. SEASON: Quite rare with an uneven distribution but seemingly spreading Northwards. September to November.  EDIBILITY: Inedible.

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