Fig 1

FRUITBODY: The rounded spore sac is grey-blue in colour and measures up to 2cm across.  The sac sports a long, striated beak and has a basal collar that connects the spore sac to the rayed base.  The ray structure is composed of the outer peridium and comprises of six to nine irregular pointed rays.  When fully expanded this lower structure measures up to 6cm across.10 - 45mm. FLESH: The flesh is thin and papery in the spore sac, firm and somewhat leathery in the outer peridium.  There is no distinct odour or taste. SPORES: The globose spores are warty and measure 4um to 5um (excluding the warts).  The spores in mass are coloured dark brown. HABITAT: Can be found under both coniferous and hardwood trees with a distinct preference for Leylandii. SEASON: Found throughout the autumnal months but older specimens can be seen throughout the year. EDIBILITY: Inedible.

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