* Fungi are neither plant nor animal

* Fungi contain no chlorophyll so obtain their nutrients from dead or living matter

* An average sized gill fungi can shed up to 40 billion spores

* Some fungi contain considerable amounts of lead, quick silver and cadmium

* The mycelium can live for several hundred years

* A circular growing mycelium will result in what is known as a “fairy ring”

* Some fungi are parasitised by other fungi

* Fungi growing in close proximity of one another are known as to be “Trooping”

* Fungi can be used to make food, inks, medicines and alcohol products

* There are approximately 100, 000 species of fungi worldwide (maybe more!)

* There are approximately 10,000 species of fungi in the British Isles ( maybe more!)

* Some fungi can only be truly identified by chemical testing or spore examination

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