Clatherus archeri

Stage 1 - arising from the undergrowth with the tentacles still encased in the membrane of the egg

Stage 2 - The initial push with the slime covered tentacles reaching upwards

Stage 3 - Full extension has been reached and the spore mass is highly developed

Stage 4 - The inner void is exposed, the tentacles are awaiting visitors to feed and spread the spores

Stage 4 - The feeding begins, the spores will be spread, the task is complete

Clathrus archeri is an uncommon species usually found in southern Britain. The example shown was found in Cheshire and comprised of a small colony. It was seen on the 6th of October in 2015 and according to the Fungal Conservation Trust Website on 2nd October 2020 it is still the only record for that county. You never know what is out there and where it will turn up - keep looking folks.