Fig 1
CAP: 1.5 - 8cm in diameter.  The cap of this marvellous species varies from tawny orange to dark fulvous shades and starts in a conical fashion before opening out and becoming flatter with a central, slightly acute umbo.  The surface is smooth and made up of many fine, yellowish radial fibrils. STIPE: Cylindrical with a slightly swollen base and a longitudinally fibrillose outer surface.  Usually orange-yellow in colour. GILLS/PORES: The close adnate gills are initially bright lemon-yellow but mature saffron to ochre/tawny buff. FLESH: Yellowish and fibrous with a reddish tinge. There is no distinctive taste but there is a slight odour that is reminiscent of radish. SPORES: Ellipsoidal, with a finely roughened surface, rusty brown and inamyloid. HABITAT: On damp marshy ground in association with Willow or Alder. SEASON:Frequent throughout. August to November.  EDIBILITY: Inedible.

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