Fig 1
CAP: 1 - 3cm in length.  The elongate-ellipsoid cap of this member of the Ink-Cap family is greyish in colour with a hint of brown. The shape is similar to that of the Common Ink-Cap but is smaller, narrower and with a gentle pointed umbo. It is slightly longitudinally grooved with the cap centre smooth. STIPE: White, equal or tapering sometimes with a swollen base and faint ring-zone. GILLS/PORES: Free, starting white but soon becoming pinkish and finally black-brown. FLESH: Whitish with no distinctive taste. SPORES: Ellipsoidal to almond-shaped, smooth, dark brown. HABITAT: On wood usually in damp ground. SEASON: Uncommon. August to November.  EDIBILITY: Inedible.

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