Fig 1
CAP: 6-20cm cm in diameter. The distinctive look to the reddish-brown cap gives this species it's alternative vernacular name of 'Penny Bun'. Starting convex with a whitish bloom the cap expands and becomes flatter and slightly darker with paler tones just towards the margin. The surface can be smooth or uneven and is greasier with age and viscid in damp conditions. STIPE: Robust and of medium length with a buff coloured background covered in a white reticulation towards the upper half that does disappear with age. GILLS/PORES: Pores are angular, small and white eventually turning greenish-yellow with age. FLESH: Whitish throughout with a dirty straw coloured flush in cap. Smell and taste is slightly pleasant. SPORES: Olivaceous to buff. Sub-fusiform. HABITAT: A woodland species both with conifers and deciduous trees, particularly fond of Beech and Pine. SEASON: Frequent. Late summer to autumn. EDIBILITY: Edible and good.

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