Fig 1

FRUIT BODY: Up to 8cm across this much encountered species has a fruitbody that is thin, lobed and somewhat veined like an ear. The outer surface is darker than the inner surface and tends to be dark reddish-brown and on occasion quite velvety. The inner surface is paler buff, smooth and folded or wrinkled. Take note though that colours do vary dependant on moisture levels. The lateral stem is rudimentary or absent.  GILLS/PORES: N/A. FLESH: Buff, flexible and gelatinous. SPORES: Allantoid, smooth, white and guttulate 16-18*6.8. HABITAT: On dead and decaying wood of deciduous trees esopecially Elder and Beech. SEASON: Common.  Throughout the year. EDIBILITY: Edible.

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