by Ronnie Rome

This tour was a brave thing to pull off and no faint heart would even attempt such a thing so thanx must go to OMD for bringing his Dream to life!!

I attended 3 of these gigs the first one being Lancaster in a superb pub The Yorkshire house with very hospitable staff.

8 groups many of whom us older guys had never seen and at 4 quid was it gonna be worth the trek over there and take a chance to be disappointed ??   Well all I can say I would have paid a tenner to see this and that was before the surprise of the nite.

You could not fault any of the bands for enthusiasm or determination even though they were playing to a poor crowd!!!

Late into the night it was announced that the UK Subs would be putting in a guest appearance but I don’t think many people believed it , however this soon changed when the mighty Harper walked in !!!

Strangely after that the place started to fill - dunno why? Maybe the got in free or maybe they were just nostalgia punks , all said it was a cracking nite.

My second gig was Kirby Lonsdale Cricket Club.

First band on only together a week or so opened with an instrumental and only seem to play instrumental then sang 2 songs and seemed to struggle to keep it together, bad idea for these to play I think but who am I to judge ?? The rest of the nite seemed to go pretty well watched by an audience starved of live bands for some time.

Band of the night for me were Suspicious Stains who headlined and rightly so.  Keep an eye out for em in future as they are well worth seeing.

Lastly on to the weekender at Trimpell Club, Morecambe.  30 bands for 20 quid !! cheap as chips and as filling too .  No picking bands as best from this as they all in my mind played a blinder, hopefully this festival will be on again next year and will hopefully not try and get clever by doing a wasted and charging the earth for nostalgia bands that don’t give a shit about the meaning of punk anymore.


by Ronnie Rome