BOLTON, THE ALMA INN - 15th June 2006

We arrived at the Alma Inn at 7.45ish and were greeted by several band members including that moronic layabout Paul (Crouch Mog ) Barnes.  Thieving twat!  Anyway nice atmosphere and a few familiar faces and me and my missus had a chat with landlord Trev and a look at his new venue The Soundhouse.  Wow – what a cracking place.  I have the UK Subs booked in there next month so I hope for all concerned we can do the business.  Excellent.  Back to the Alma and a few drinks and nonsensical chats with the Churchill and AFS boys plus topman Damo (Crouch Mog frontman) and Swallow were at it.

A bunch of young girls this lot who rattled off several melodic ditty’s that were reminiscent of The Go Go’s with a nice female sound that wasn’t trying to be anything other than just fun.  I enjoyed this and with more practice, a few tweaks regarding stage presence these lasses should just do fine.  The crowd liked it as well which always bodes well.  Well done ladies and hopefully we can get something together in the future.

Next AFS.  Need I go on?  What is there to say?  Well how about this – superb!  Basic, unpretentious, sharp, zealous, come dick (er that’s comedic Carl), lively, subtly aggressive and very fuckin’ catchy.  Nuff said – and if you ain’t seen these guys then you are really missing out on one of today’s best punk bands.  Check em’ out and be impressed.  The only interruption to an awe inspiring set was by Mr Tim (Chip – pan – punk4life) Davis who grabbed a mike and said ‘support the SAS Tour or I’ll smash your teeth in’.  Class.  He immediately left the building, stripped completely naked, covered his nether regions in lard and burnt off his entire genitalia.  Not true at all but the thought of it tickles me so there you have it!

Lastly Crouch Mog.  Let’s keep this short too.  Again superb.  More organised, very motivated and technically very busy this was the best to date for this quartet and new gut Andy has dug in his claws and is now purring in unison with these squat pussies.  Brilliant and fun to watch with everyone enjoying a special treat.  Again one of the best bands around today although of a different sub-genera to AFS still totally valid and totally punk.

A great night with 3 great bands, great gaff and lovely hosts – it makes it all worthwhile.  On the way home we passed a heavy laden Paul Barnes who was carrying 3 video recorders, an old dears handbag and several bottles of Stardrops.  Why does he do it?

by Fungalpunk/OMD