by Nat of Suspicious Stains

             Well here's my say on SAS:
What a great experience to be part of the Spit and Sawdust tour. This tour was masterminded by OMD of FungalPunk and Andy Noize Annoize. The idea was to promote new or struggling bands and put them on a series of weekend tours, which would hopefully give them a decent profile by the end.

Andy Noize had already got his bands together from his label, and OMD added his selection of bands that he had been working with. Alltogether there was around 20 bands to start with. So where was the catch? There was no catch! All the bands got to play at some point, and they always got petrol money and most of all they had a fantastic time.

It wasn't all plain sailing though, sometimes the sound was poor, sometimes the bands pulled out and sometimes the promoters were drunk, but this added to the fun of it! Bands got out of it what they put in, and the more they put in the more they got out of it.

For me this tour was about loyality, committment, hard work and most of all enjoyment.
This was a non-profit tour and the promoters were more than out of pocket by the time they had finished with the endless chasing around after the bands. This showed they cared about the true meaning of the word "PUNK".

by Natalie Starr