MORECAMBE, TRIMPELL CLUB (Nice and Sleazy Fest) - 25th June 2006

It was up to Morecambe for the finale of Big Ivans Nice and Sleazy Festival which was in its first year and promised much.  The fact that Ivan had let us put on several of our SAS bands and assist us in our tour was much appreciated and shows a refreshing helpful mentally that won’t be forgotten.

Circumstances dictated my late arrival but we needed to put in a show and offer support to all concerned and when we arrived at 3.15’ish on Sunday afternoon this was very much in evidence.  Not the worst crowd in the world I still felt this event deserved more due to its addition of the SAS Tour bands and Ivan’s hard work and well planned campaign.

Anyway Alternative Arrangements were on and to be honest I wish there was.  Primarily a covers outfit this was a strict lesson in the art of nostalgic drenched bilge.  I decry bands that overdo the cover’s gimmick as it seems a total waste of time to play other peoples material rather than come up with some original stuff of your own.  Added to that the fact that this lot slaughtered several old classics and me, my missus and little un’ were totally convinced that we were watching the worst band of the weekend (and like I said we’d only just arrived).  The Undertones number, namely ‘Teenage Kicks’ was the final boot in the ever blackening bollocks on show here and the whole fiasco fizzled out like a slow burning turd.  Crap.

Next a break for football.  What better way to unwind after a terrible band performance than to watch a game the nation love bunch played by a bunch of overpaid wankers who still moan about how hard done by they are.  Anyway 2 hours later the tossers had produced the usual dire performance and beat a very disinterested (and disgustingly dispassionate) Ecuador side and won 1-0.  Yes I think England will win the World Cup due to the incredibly low standard of all participating teams and if it keeps the nation proud of their country then that’s a bonus - I just hope the fans take more pride in their country and stop litter-bugging and start looking after their wildlife.  Rant, Rant, Rant (it’s what’s expected).

Back to the gig and The X-Rippers got up and despite a non participating crowd produced a cracker.  As always the Rippers do the business and today with classics like ‘Jimmy Kelly’, ‘Who’s The Doctor’ and ‘Pop Idol’ it was a guaranteed winner.  Brent seemed to be getting a bit miffed with the lacklustre crowd but carried on in true Barnsley boy fashion and let the fuckers have it.  Excellent.

Resistance 77 took to the stage next and played a belter.  The opening Cocksparrer number was a faux pas of the highest order as these guys certainly don’t have to rely on playing a cornball cover to win the crowd  It was ‘England Belongs To Me’ by the way - oh dear, tut, tut an opinion in the minority - what has punk come to.  On their own merit this lot should be judged and I was truly convinced that this opener was a bad move.  Anyway the rest of the set was great with some solid songs throughout.  ‘Thoroughbred Men’ capped a performance filled with R77 classics with several highs missed out.  A brief but convincing showing this is truly a band to see more of.

Stunface next and the Welsh Warriors (or wankers depending on your brain capacity or idea of fun) were next and produced an adequate set that for me didn’t do justice to what these guys are capable of.  This was still good and ‘Every Dog Has Its Day’ opened up a solid display but I’ve seen these guys knock out some stormers so I always expect a top notch showing.  Not bad but check them out again and expect a classic.

Manchester Maniacs Revenge of the Psychotronic Man were next and gave, for me, their best showing to date.  Previously I was unconvinced but on this evidence they have matured greatly as a band and their general stage presence is far more effective.  The V-man dig ‘Vuzz Lightyear’ shows the bands wicked side and also gives notice that they are no fresh faced youngsters ready to be jerked about.  With performances like this these manic madmen should do just fine and get some great gigs.  1 worry is the fact this lot have a tendency to add too many ingredients to an already adequate recipe and therefore overdo the end dish. Keep things simple and concentrate on your strengths is the order of the day but you can't knock anyone for trying different things. Solid.

Lastly Kings of the Delmar. A menage de trois here of punk, psychobilly and good old rock and roll delivered with enough controlled aggression to be the pick of the crop. Excellent stuff this and each and every song reflected a well rehearsed tightness and melodic energy fit to compete with most bands of this ilk. Even the Clash cover was well thrown out and all in all this quartet impressed me quite a bit (no easy task I know). T-shirt and CD were purchased and the day, for us, was done.

Looking back this was a minor classic and deserved more especially with the efforts of Big Ivan and the quality of gig he had put on. The people I have spoken to have all praised the whole event and despite a less than convincing turn-out I am sure that in the Nice and Sleazy festival we have a major part of punks future. Great venue, hospitable people and familys and 'erberts all catered for. A nice show of bands with emphasis on the up and comers rather than your everyday touring nostalgia band this must be punks future. Thanks to all concerned for a good gig and here's to next year.

by Fungalpunk/OMD