Well I arrived at The West Riding Pub in Huddersfield around mid-way through the gig. It was already in full swing and due to the fact England had beat Paraguay people were happy and this gave the gig a great Karma.

As we pulled up local three piece outfit The Coroners had taken the stage. My ears pricked up to the hardened edge that these three young men were belting out. I was rubber necking to look for a fourth member, but these guys have perfected a great solid sound to the likes of Agnostic Front. A band to watch out for.

Jumping up next was the ever improving Boredom, this is a band that just loves playing 77’ style punk, they give it their best and it’s starting to pay off. With Andy Noize Anoize now recruited on bass these guys are starting to gel and they now look like they are starting to have fun on the stage which I feel will help them fan collect quickly.

Up to the stage staggered Kamikaze Sperm. These guys consist of three girls and three young men and the well balance line up seems to work. They are noisy, fast, and very confident. Where they lack tightness this is overcome by pure energy and enthusiasm. This band is improving by the day and is just waiting to take the spot of bands like The Dead Pets and The Filaments. The Sax Girls really look like they are having fun belting out Baker Street and rounding this band off, giving them the potential to be knocking on the doors of big labels. I think now they need to work on tightening it a little and they can go all way.

One Man Stand quickly took their positions on the stage, another three piece band that can make enough noise for four. I watched One Man Stand over a year ago and they have really vastly improved. This really shocked me as they needed no improving as they were already tight. Vocally they have worked hard too; the two guitarists have found their harmonies and work hard to give this band a solid OI! feel. They have a similar sound to Darrel Smith’s band The Elite.
 Europe awaits this band, I feel that they would do best playing to audiences of Germans, Dutch and Italians. Maybe Fungal Punk could send a collection of a few of the OI! Bands around Europe next year.

Bouncing on to the stage next was the talented Crouch Mog. Well these young men have been around now for quite a few years and to keep nearly the same line up during this time they have done well. This helps in a big way as tightness is something you cannot fault them on. The drummer and bass player work hard to hold this backline together well. New Guitarist Andy is starting to find his feet and soon will be up to scratch in no time. Singer Paul really knows how to front a band; with his cheeky grin and all the jumping around he does gives Crouch Mog 10 out of 10 for entertainment. As a fan of NOFX I couldn’t understand why choose this cover, I think it’s not a strong NOFX song and I feel an earlier NOFX from the Drunk in Public album would be better suited. Watch out the Moggy Men are about!

Finally Suspicious Stains took the final slot. Oh only three today? Yes singer Anne had disappeared! Oh well you can’t stop the stains skidding onto the stage with or without a singer. So after a quick apology and proving this tour is about commitment and showing respect for O.M.D and Andy Noize they give it a go anyway. Bass Player Nat filled in for the absent Anne and just about coped with the added stress of having to fill in at the last minute. To add a bit more humour to the set they invited up members of Boredom up for Lion Sleeps Tonight and they helped out with the Wimbo Wahs. They quickly belted out some of their faster numbers giving this set a furious punk edge and finally they ended the night with '500 miles' and members of Crouch Mog, Boredom and Mr Shiraz were happy enough to join in.
 A great ending to another great Spit and Sawdust gig.

by Nat Starr