Here we are – so soon the tour has ended!  Since May the 20th at Blackburn we’ve been full at it with varying degrees of success and failure.  It’s been a blend of agony and ecstasy as, I’m sure you are all well aware, there has been one hiccup after another.  No matter what we have made it through and today was basically a pleasurable wind down to sit back and reflect.

Me, my good lady (Gill) and equally good little un (Katie Bubble) arrived at the Napier quite by accident due to a piss poor one way system (the only good one being from Blackpool and having such classics as ‘Stab the Judge’).  Anyway we were there and were greeted by a very decent gaff.  Spacious and well set out we went upstairs to the main gig room and looked forward to some good music and equally good banter fuelled chinwagging.

Carl and Rob (AFS Fame – yes fame arseholes) were already in attendance with James and Ian (of Guilty Pleasures fame – yes again).  The Slash Monkeys were also present as were Boredom (both of whom have fame) and a few other bods.

Anyway – chats and beers and Ambush UK opened up with a set that is still showing promise but like a cactus, is taking fuckin’ ages to flower.  Today we experienced the Ambush roller coaster with highs and lows stomach-turningly apparent.  ‘Never Sell Out’ and ‘Riot’ were raped rigid and Andy Subs’ (Churchill drummer) face was a picture (check out the gallery).  To be honest this was as low as it got and the rest was above average with some choice moments.  Individually good and obviously working hard this will work – just keep at it lads.  The Business cover ‘Drinking and Driving’ was an improvised classic and shows an underlying ability these young upstarts need to tap.  Get some of your own stuff written and screw the covers (leave that to the original old farts) and start showing that promise.  Overall though the atmosphere was good and Ambush UK must be applauded for playing this and giving it their all.  Thanks lads and see you next year.

Next C-Light or Churchill minus the singer or 3 fat bastards instead of 4.  Either way this was like a dick in the duffel (a real eye opener).  Wilfredo took on vocal duties and delivered a minor classic.  Carl was his usual self (and will be invoiced for the work-out) and played with an insane enthusiasm that belies his 50 years (ha ha).  Andy Subs I’m sure seemed to be imagining the drums as the heads of Ambush UK and set about hammering their skulls in revenge for ruining a Subs classic.  ‘I’m Going To Get My Revenge’ suitably accompanied this manic banging and rounded off a solid set.  As soon as they stepped down I could see all the Dilboy spies texting their said leader with warnings of impending punk rock unemployment unless he ups his game.  Better be on form next time my good chum.

Next The Slash Monkeys and this was another solid set that pleased me no end.  I needed to see this lot get it right and despite the odd error this was proper funky monkey stuff.  As tight as a gorilla’s gonads in parts with a busy flitting reminiscent of a spider monkey on whizz today these punk primates hit the spot and delivered a great bunch of musical bananas.  King Kong, Bubbles, Clyde, Galen and Cheetah would all be banging their chests to this rocking rhythm and all blue arsed baboons would suely be rubbing their burning rings with tuneful delight.   The only criticism is that the frontlady always seems turned down – which is not because she can’t sing because occasionally she gets through and its pretty good stuff.  Maybe its ape-man authority that rules behind the scenes but its worth considering a volume check.  Thanks lads and lass.  Ooh ooh ooh.

Finally Boredom.  On this tour they have been committed  (no not that way but now you mention it) and have really come on strong in the home stretch.  This not only sounded good but looked good as well with Andy NA looking like a real rockstar.  Imagine a cross between Elvis and Sid Vicious, add some talent, compress downwards in chosen squashing apparatus and there you have it.  I’ll tell you what though joking apart he has given this lot something to think about and they’ve responded in true style.  No individual song stood out as this was all good with excellent banter between all in attendance.   A great end to a great day of a great tour.

Farewells, adieus, so longs and for once no fuck-offs and the day was done.  I enjoyed it and I’m sure everyone in attendance did.  Thanks to all for a fantastic day and for a complete thank you/fuck off tour autopsy check out the link OMD’s Tour Analysis.


Oh one last thing – Being the current manager of C-Light I feel it necessary to apologise on behalf of the drunken exploits of the guitarist Carl Arnfield.  Disgraceful, inappropriate and downright obscene – this kind of alcohol based mania has no place in society.  I apologise for anyone abused or misused by this drinking devil.  Thank you for your understanding (especially you Carl – ha ha).

by Fungalpunk/OMD