My thoughts on the Spit and Sawdust tour by the Rev. Damo J Mog "For on the seventh day Fungal Punk, OMD and Andy Noize Anoize did copulate and out of that fiery union did the beast rise. They doth named it Spit and Sawdust, and the punk gods saw that it was good." Ecclesiastical 6:13 Many miles have been covered to get to the point we are at now, many questions have been asked. "How much is the beer?" "Can I steal these peanuts/fire extinguisher/fence?" and "Carl J Arnfield's beard magical or not?" Some have been answered others have not. I still ponder the peanut/fire extinguisher/fence question, although I usually hear this sentence from Bass Mog.

The bands though were they any good on this tour I hear you cry? Well if you had to ask that question chances are you never turned up to any of the venues. Which leads me to ask "Where the bloody hell where you?" People complain about the state of music now, it's either "there's too much manufactured pop/punk/metal/rap etc....." or "there are not enough decent bands around!" This tour went a long way to showing how things could be given the chance.

For my money you could not have asked any more of the bands/promoters or the venues who put us on. We could ask a little more of the audience though. For those of you who complain that Punk's not what it used to be I suggest the next time the Spit and Sawdust comes a calling you go and see what the next generation of bands has to offer. It maybe the kick in the nuts Punk needs!

by Damo Mog