BOLTON, THE ALMA INN - 2nd July 2006

This is a great little venue for punk gigs, the room fills up easily and gives the impression that the place is packed out.
First up on the night was New Mills 4 piece streetpunkers “Social Explosion ”. This is a band to go and check out now. They’re full of energy and bursting to get on stage and deliver their music. Front man Matt drives this band; he steps into the crowd and gets in the faces of anyone at the front. As you look at this band they are a mixed bunch, which just adds to their music. The band consists of 1 punk, 1 crusty punk, 1 skinhead and a chav! And blended together they have come up with a hardcore oi! Streetpunk sound.
 A blinding set......
Next to take to the stage was the other New Mills band “Temporal Distortion ”. These young chaps are a 3 piece punk band that also has understood the word “entertain”. They are raw, tight and energetic, and their fresh approach is exciting to watch. Front man Jake gives his all, and he ends up dragging you in with his enthusiasm. These guys worked hard together and they proved tonight that they are the future of punk rock.
A very tight set........
Note to punk bands turning up at gigs and planning to go through the motions of their music… these young whipper snappers are chopping away at your heals ready to take your place!
Next was 4 piece female fronted punk band Suspicious Stains. After openly admitting their set the day before in Stockport was a wash out, due to drunkenness and fatigue because of the disappointing football match, they put this behind them and made up for it tonight.
The set was fast, furious, tight and entertaining. The room danced away to The Lion Sleeps Tonight.
A strong performance......
Headlining the night was local Ska Punx “Kamikaze Sperm”. This band continuously gig these days and now it’s starting to pay off. They have formed a bond on stage which rounds this band off as entertainers. Sax player Beanie played a blinder showing that she can do it alone! Bass player Maz is gaining confidence now and is playing really well, so it’s time to turn her up, for all to hear. The two front men were strong and powerful per usual and gave it their all. “Manchester Punks” Stands out as this song is such a great sing along tune. They ended the set with an old number “Trevor” and despite not playing this for a while they managed to pull it off, with front man Sam jumping on drums and the drummer screaming into the mic.
 A Crazy ending to a perfect set!

by Nat Starr