Well, well, well - I told you lot not to miss this gig last year and to all the people that did (and you know who you are and so do we) you missed 3 days of great music, chat, beer, more beer and more great music. I will try to keep this as short as I can.

Friday the 11th -  three bands stood out for me REDNECK ZOMBIES, THE SCABS an THE REDEYES of which all were pure class as was all the other bands that played but these three for me were great. To pick one it as to be the four lads that stoped at my house. Four great lads THE RED EYES with tracks like, 'Wake Up Call', 'Forever', 'Something In The Way', and 'The End Of The World', these lads put on one hell of a show. It was the 1st time I have seen them and they were great.

Now on to day two. I had to much beer on Friday but was ready for more and the best bands on the Saturday for me were THE SCATTER, GLOBAL PARASITE, REDEYES, JOHN PLAYER SPECIALS, THE MISPELT, and GIMP FIST. All put full effort into their sets and I could not take my eyes off them. Well done to you all and I thank you. Sorry I missed the last few bands as I was fucked.

Day 3, and to start THE BULLET KINGS. 3 fat bastards,3 great lads and how this band haveimproved. They have just put a great CD out (get it now) and I suggest you put this band in your top friends. They played a new track called 'My Country' which is just pure class. STOMPIN GROUND next and I have seen this band twice before and they were very, very poor. Just on the piss and in a band with no focus ,but fuck me they have got it together now and they wer SHIT HOT. 3 young lads with punk in the heart and soul and please keep up the hard work you have put in as now you have got a big fan in myself. Next up THE FRACTIONS - a great young band - keep it up lads - you were great. Next were SENSE OF URGENCY and again very, very good thank you. Next for me was AFS - utter class and a fuckin' great! Do you want me to go on - FLAT BACK FOUR got the CD, T-SHIRT and what sheer class! What a show they put on. Can't wait to see them again and that says it all. REVENGE OF THE PSYCHOTRONIC MANand JUST PANIC - both were great bands full on in your face - great stuff. THE SHADOW COPS - these lads are the dogs bollocks, what a fuckin' band these lads are utter class and last of all l came TWO SICK MONKEYS. Two great fellas with great music to boot. Myself and Jordan would like to thank Banjo and Lisa for letting the bands play there, Tim Davis for being a total dick - ha , ah, Big Daz and Ant and my little man Jordan for the great company they always are, and to my mate, friend, and lover OMD for being OMD! If you know him run like hell - he is a 1st class KNOB! No really he is my type of fella - heart and soul - we love this guy. He puts these bands on for fuck all - what a great fella he is God bless him,and give him time to spend the £2000 he made in 3 great days of music. I would like to say the best band I saw over the 3 days was THE RED EYES - great music, great lads and any time they are here fuckin' book a hotel. I would also like to say to STOMPIN GROUND you lads blew me away and please, please keep up the hard work as it is paying off big time. Finally all the TOSSERS that would not pay £10 for 3 days of class you are the dicks in my eyes but you will pay alot more for some bands, my goodness WHAT KNOBS YOU ARE!       


Extra note by OMD: The allegations of making 2 grand and being involved in a homosexual love affair with Jason are truly unfounded and the fact that I have a sore arse and smoke £30 apiece cigars is purely coincidental!