STOCKPORT, THE THATCHED HOUSE - 3 DAY BASH - 31st Aug - 2nd Sept 2007


Because there were approximately 30 bands playing over the three days this is an overview of the whole event, an event I had been looking forward to for quite a while. I would rather attend this kind of gig where I get to see bands i've never seen play live before because it gives me more of a buzz than watching bands i've seen many times over many years.
Dave "Fungalpunk OMD" who promoted the gig worked wonders to get bands from all over the UK to play at this 3 dayer. He had several bands who had to pull out of the gig very late but he still managed at a very late stage to fill their slots with equally good bands. It's obvious that bands are eager to play on the SAS tour as bands had travelled from as far afield as Brighton to play.
I arrived on Friday to be greeted by OMD who was with Hugh from Deadlamb Records the SAS sponsor. I grabbed a beer and the nights entertainment started with The Asezawallas who i'd never seen before. They played a great set and this was just the first of about 30 bands who over the course of three days who played superb sets. After most bands had played their set I kept thinking "I wouldn't fancy being the next band having to follow that" but the quality just kept coming and it lasted for the entire three days. I went to my first gig 30 years ago in 1977 (Stiff Little Fingers) and i've been to many all dayers and festivals since. Of all the hundreds of gigs i've seen I can in all honesty say that for pure quality this is the best gig i've EVER witnessed. These bands were all up for this and that's the difference between this and festivals which are played by the big well known bands. A lot of the well known bands just go through the motions but all the bands playing on this 3 day SAS gig were hungry and delivered the goods. The bands playing have done themselves proud and with so many bands playing a lot of contacts will have been made, which is good for all.
I know people might think because OMD is a mate i'll favour him with a good review but he knows that i'm honest and would tell him if the reverse was true. Everything about this weekend was top notch. The sound the Thatched House provided was excellent, great music and some heavy drinking. What more could I need.
Anybody promoting a mammoth event like that has a lot to worry about especially financially but OMD was vindicated and deserves credit for sticking his neck out for what he believes in. There will be similar events on SAS's calendar next year and you would have to be a complete bonehead to miss them.

Tim 'Punk4LIfe' Davies